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When the Erie Canal was built a few years later, it was routed through Rochester, and the small village became America's first boomtown, a major trade center for grain being shipped east and goods being shipped west.

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But Rochester is much more than just its waterways.The city loves to celebrate its long history of industry and invention, taking pride in the many innovators and social reformers that have made their marks here.It also looks to the future, to the new places to which today's innovations will lead.And when it's time to relax, few cities of its size can compare in the variety and quality of cultural and recreational events available here.Above all, the city's primary trait may be perseverance.

Epitomized by the yearly collective slog through another snowy winter, this perseverance also manifests itself in the way Rochester has reinvented itself over the years.Even today, as the city tries to chart its course through the 21st century, its people plunge forward with that same determination, carrying with them not just the hope, but the certainty that springtime will arrive and with it, growth. It was born in the early nineteenth century as a small village on the Genesee River, a few miles south of Lake Ontario.The village was constructed around flour mills that took advantage of the three waterfalls on the river for power.Big-city culture and small-city charm combine in Rochester [1], a mid-sized city on the shores of Lake Ontario.The birthplace of amateur photography, Rochester has long been known as Kodak Town, but its fame was established well before George Eastman came on the scene.Today, its historical treasures complement modern family-friendly attractions that rival those found in much larger communities.