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Welcome to the blog for the International Society for Disease Surveillance.By serving as a gateway to other ISDS resources, this blog is intended to keep Society members informed on recent Society activity and news in disease surveillance.You can view the full blog by clicking on the banner above.

In 2010, ISDS partnered with the Emerging Health Threats Journal to publish the proceedings in special supplementary issue.

Emerging Health Threats is an online, open-access, international peer-reviewed journal that covers a broad range of emerging threats to human health.

Abstracts can be browsed according to track; each track has a PDF batch of abstracts with authors listed in alphabetical order.

To view the track listings, click the Table of Contents link in the right-hand sidebar.

Each of the fifty chapters has been written by at least two dedicated experts in the field from two different European countries.

The textbook replicates the EULAR On-line Course with each chapter consisting of: ■ Learning points ■ Up-to-date review with explanatory figures and tables ■ Summary ■ Key references Purchase your copy today at the low price of €165* including delivery Discounted rates of the textbook are available when purchased as part of the associated EULAR online course. *Plus applicable VAT for the country of purchase Posting is via courier delivery to ensure safe receipt.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This textbook aims to assist rheumatologists in the use of ultrasound to facilitate important diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.Based on the EULAR On-line Introductory Ultrasound Course and written by eminent experts in the field, it includes seven modules with highly illustrative images presented with explanations about the most relevant ultrasound findings.Finally, be sure not to miss the editorial by Atar Baer, Don Olson and John Brownstein!This is from the department of Probably Everyone Knew This But Me.I’d been aware that Pro Quest had taken over the Statistical Abstract, but I hadn’t realized that they were also producing a print version of the work.