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Although I never really understood the concept behind sits like Miss Travel and Travel Girls because you can pretty much find stunning hot girls to travel with on sites like Sugar Dating69 and WYP, I still think the site is ok. Rubbish males Sometimes you get lucky, other times you run across a guy who just wants to chat.. I was on the site for about a couple weeks and I met a guy from Maryland.

I met a guy in another city in my country and he turned out to be a married scammer/pimp!And I had to rely on the kindness of strangers to help me get back to my city! If a man is offering to pay for your travel after the first few messages, you bet he wants to use and or abuse you!Rich guys are stingy as hell so they ain't gonna pay big money for a girl to come and sit pretty by the beach!Even if it is just sex most of them are into freaky things cause face it they can do missionary with any next 10/10 from an escort site.If you go ahead and travel either let someone know your plans or have a backup plan if all fails!

All you have to do is tell a guy no and he'll leave you to make your own way back. Sex traffickers dream, I am convinced this is where sex trafficker go to find there victims.Why the hell would a girl travel to meet a man she has never met in his country. Got male mails that they want to have sex with me when I state I am male on misstravel this is absurd.Guys in this site are creepy, they ask you to travel to them in the first message most of their profiles stay things like " no black girls" "no single moms" "no fat chicks" I am slim white and blonde with no kids but I still find it really rude when guys write these types of things in their profiles. if I write myself female, yes you are normal to find girls, but even males also get sex request it's strange. Equinox180, be very careful of this rubbish, he said my wife betray me and our kid when it's he finds olivie by himself. I joined the site last year because I was EAGER to travel and lacked the expenses to do so.Someone introduced it to me after I got back to Lagos Nigeria.It wasn't what I was expecting and there were some messages a friend complained where looking robotic .This is my number we can chat on whatsapp , am cool and just need a friend. I'm pretty sure majority of these men are fake accounts.