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It is also true that the motorcycle fans are distinctly different from many others just because of the nature of their particular fandom. It is a very visceral and very emotional experience at almost any point, and it is the sort of thing that inspires a great deal of powerful feelings.Part of getting involved with this subculture is sharing in those experiences, and not just absorbing the information in an academic manner.

Installing User Scripts (Grease Monkey) has become a bit more complicated in the recent version of Google Chrome, affecting our Quick Import Button and Cloth Calc scripts.

The browser currently requires that you install all User Scripts only from the Chrome Web Store.

There is currently a workaround for this problem, so we are not going to upload our scripts to Chrome Webstore yet (it would cause us quite some complications).

Workaround: After clicking on the script link (those can be found in the same places like before), the browser will download a file with the extension js.

Extensions (or go to the address chrome://chrome/extensions/) and drag this file inside the Extensions tab.

This Script loads the best possible Wear from the Server.

There will be no local calculation of this data because getting this data from server gives a lot more performance than local calculation.

Registered account on Imported game char on Be logged in on while getting calc data 0.43[main *new*] Equip items button in Cloth Calc window [tasklist] labor point hints have a star background now when you've equipped your best cloth [bugfix] job list in Cloth Calc window is sorted again on startup [bugfix] bonus job import is working again [bugfix] alternative currency in tombolas working again 0.42[misc] changing the amount in Crafting works the same way now as in Skills window, plus mouse wheel support in both [misc] labor point info on Task List switchable now and new hints there [misc *new*] option to sell all but one of the selected item to the Wandering Trader [misc *new*] option to disable scrollbars on small screens or when moving windows too far [misc *new*] option to reposition event counters (event currency, Hiro's script) on wide screens0.41[main] support for the upcoming new item IDs [main] automatic conversion of CC data (most of all statistics) for the ID update [main] job search automatically selects the job when search is narrowed down to only one [main bugfix] using cursor keys in job search works again [settings] rearranged the options and added captions for more clarity [jobs *new*] Cloth Calc button in job windows [jobs *new*] display of labor points in job window title [jobs *new*] display of labor points in the task queue [misc *new*] instant hotel button on town signs [misc *new*] show BBCodes in received telegrams [misc *new*] show values on experience bar - thanks to Leones/Slygoxx [misc *new*] option to disable the Shop SALE sign below the saloon [misc *new*] you can assign a hotkey to Cloth Calc in the Keyboard shortcuts [misc *new*] option to minimize the Chat rooms GUI element bottom left (compatible with Diggo's Friends Script) [pin items] redesigned to fit the new inventory layout [main] option to open the Wear window minimized0.39Support for HTTPS KO timer ready for beta protection system0.38[pin items] feature to pin items in the recently used section of Inventory [analyser] job analyser can now switch to display all found products and items [bugfixes] selltip unequip 0.37[bugfix] fix for self opening chat when chat extension was enabled [bugfix] fix for buy tip in the new shop [market] option to save your preferences in the market sell dialog [crafting] reminder for the level 600 crafting recipe waiting periods [settings] tiny improvements to the TW-DB settings dialog [misc] duel motivation bar is replaced by a K. timer when you died [misc] added option to avoid nuggets as default payment in event games (must be explicitly enabled) [misc] added option to skip the Premium dialog when using fetch all in the market (must be explicitly enabled)0.36[main] ready for the new calculator engine (comming soon) [main] actual bonus level shown in clothcalc window [main] bugfixes (attribute images in customs, level based attributes Na N, ...)0.35[main] Black Friday items work with the calculator now [main] calculation data update is necessary less often (more work done on the client) [main] ready for adding fair construction job0.34[*NEW*] [buytip] fixed major bug, data update necessary!

[main] job list displays rewards for the best equipment, current reward for the selected job displayed separately [main] various bugfixes, some performance issues addressed, more precise reward calculation [main] fixed job reward calculation (+-1 precision formulas), data update needed!

[main] added sorting jobs by danger [main] now checks for duplicit clothcalc installation [sleep] added vertical scrollbar0.33[main] ready for 2.08.1 [questwiki] added option to switch between introduction / completion texts in the quest book (already last version) [questwiki] added option to always show full quest texts (default OFF! Cloth is not a function Installed Cloth calc script is corrupted or not installed correctly.

) [jobs] motivation calculation adjusted for 25% steps [main] BUGFIXes: server data loading sometimes got stuck; CC not working for players below level 10 [buytip] fix for the new Mobile Trader window Worker this.calcdata is null or injected [object Object] function: sell Tip this.calcdata is null Please open Import script (icon above clothcalc), click Settings tab, on right hand side at the bottom click Reset Local storage data. Bad Request [212] You are logged into your tw-db account, but Cloth calc cannot load any data as you haven't imported any data from the game or imported data are corrupted. Please uninstall old script and install last version.