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There was literally nowhere else to go that wasn't a field, so don't judge her.12.But actually, she'll call it "copping off" when she talks about those times anyway, so you'll be confused from the start.13.

We’re proud to welcome Wales’ coolest wedding event to St Fagans: Cwtch Fest!From kitsch and quirky to sweet and stylish, this wonderland of all things wedding is a must for anyone planning their big day.Buy Tickets Make a date in your diaries and invite friends and family (or sneak in alone if you’re planning a surprise for that special someone)!The Big Cwtch features an outstanding line up of breakthrough and emerging artists currently taking over the Welsh music scene.This years festival will welcome over 30 acts across two stages including the magical Lakeside Stage, Orchard Stage and numerous acoustic venues and campfire sessions across the site.

At the beginning, when she talks about you to her friends, you'll either be "lush" or "minging".Sorry, they didn't teach us many adjectives in school.2.If you're ever waiting for her, she will tell you that she'll be there "now in a minute" - this means approximately 3-5 minutes. It's best not to talk to her when the 6 Nations are on - especially if you're from England. It's important you know and understand what a cwtch is before even attempting to win her over.5.Don't ask her to speak Welsh, they just put it on the roadsigns in Cardiff for the LOLs - nobody knows how to speak it.6.End-of-a-night-out-food has a high standard to live up to; this girl spent her youth on Chippy Lane, an entire STREET dedicated to drunk-eats. For theme parks and holidays, however, the bar is pretty low (no offence to Barry Island).8.If she suggests a restaurant because it's 'proper tidy', she just means it's really nice - don't expect crazy cleanliness.9.