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Richie is in the process of ending his life in a bathtub, when he gets a call from his estranged sister, Maggie, asking him to look after his niece, Sophia, for the night.

Richie cancels his plans and sets out to babysit his niece.

He then takes Sophia to an old rundown building where he used to live, and finds the flipbooks he wants to show her, but Sophia gets scared and wants to go home.After Richie apologizes, they return to the bowling alley and Sophia starts asking all about his life.They start to become friends, and Richie admits that the reason he hasn’t been allowed to see her all these years, is because he once dropped Sophia on her head while taking care of her as a baby.Sophia finds this incident amusing, just as her favorite song comes on over the loudspeakers.Christensen wrote and directed the short, and it’s not his first film, only the first film of which he’s proud.

Christensen is the credited screenwriter on the Taylor Lautner vehicle , though he told us in detail all the ways in which the film is not his script.Other scripts by Christensen have been purchased by studios but not produced, so this Oscar nomination is a big step towards being recognized as the filmmaker he wants to be.We got to speak with Christensen before about is nomination, the making of in your Oscar speech?Suddenly, everyone in the bowling alley seems to be dancing along with the song, except for Richie.Sophia begs him to dance with her, tugging at his arm until his wrist comes out of its sleeve, revealing his suicide attempt. When Richie brings Sophia back home, he notices a restraining order sitting on the kitchen table, citing assault and harassment.His sister comes back looking bruised and she thanks Richie for his help, but she wants him to leave.