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So I've gotten TONS of requests to do more Club Penguin funny moments, so here you go! It's safe to say I did not expect this much support on Club Penguin videos lol! v=EDj5uky2Tt4&index=3&list=PLye1Dq_NN-VVA1TYLT-pwa2L0YIq Cfsz0 Club Penguin Funny Moments #4: watch? sub_confirmation=1 Let me know if you'd like to see more Funny Moments from Club Penguin or maybe some other game you'd like to suggest! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ______________________________ Related videos! v=_YF6GNIr-VY&list=PLye1Dq_NN-VVA1TYLT-pwa2L0YIq Cfsz0 _______________________________________ Connect with me! Twitter ► Mr Gehab Google+ ► 109114113350975700328 Twitch Channel ► gehabhd Facebook ► Gehab YT Fan Club on Steam! v=PKfxm FU3l WY ▼ Follow Laszlo Facebook: Laszlo EDMOff...

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Subscribe to: user/cnpsnuttyproductions Coolblue52 likes Chungpoww, a skater boy, but her friends don't like him, and she gives up a great guy.

Later, Chungpoww shows her what he's capable of and how much she missed out on...

"Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne Subscribe to: user/cnpsnuttyproductions Who: You!

What: An opportunity to be in Late Night in Club Penguin 3 When: Club Penguin time on Sunday, November 25th, 2007 Where: At the Dock in Crunch ***Stand in the white area, and make sure you are in your own space and you are not touching any other penguins. This is simply a story.***Thanks to everyone who entered!

When you are there, just dance until I invite you to my igloo! Honorable mentions: •All for one by Bella Lisa CPgirl •Bye coolblue!

***Subscribe to: user/cnpsnuttyproductions Coolblue52 is young and in love with Chungpoww until she finds out a heartbreaking secret about him...

v=_Jz O5_Qt61k His YT Channel ► channel/UCLl Ohdym RT2or Eqvb6y_Gw All credit goes to them!

Took a long while to edit this, but I'm really happy with how it turned out! v=RNiif Us7lq E&index=4&list=PLye1Dq_NN-VVA1TYLT-pwa2L0YIq Cfsz0 Subscribe to Gehab! ► groups/gehab YT Partner your You Tube Channel with Ziovo Network! Twitter: laszloedm Soundcloud: laszlomusic Outro Music ► x3m0/the-one-love/s-B4Yz Y You Tube Link ► watch?

Subscribe to: user/cnpsnuttyproductions Saxcatt and Bundles search for the killer that is causing the death of so many penguins.

**If you did not make it in the video, it's okay, because there will be other opportunities to be in my videos! **1 like = 1 more club penguin in your life • ADDICTED TO CLUB PENGUIN 1Vw Ir9p • SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

: VTx H6E • Apex Clothing & Merchandise - Add me on Snapchat! (乃^o^)乃 Nifty Things Down Here: ▼ I AM BECOME THE PENGUIN!!! ▶ 1Vj7o EM Intro music by: user/strangeholder Intro animation by: user/Foolish Captain Kia Outro music: Rainbow Roads - Macross 82-99So this is the walkthrough/tutorial for the maze on club penguin.