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Statues of these can be seen on top of roofs or gates of Okinawan homes to help ward off evil.

Robbie grew up in Okinawa so that’s where he got it from.

This post as made me look at my own plain white helmet.

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I thought of this article while watching the old Senna documentary.There is a quick segment about Senna’s yellow helmet and how it was unmistakable when you saw that helmet in your rear view mirror.I wondered to myself if the drivers of Formula Drift had an attachment to their helmets.So I walked around the paddock asking every driver I came in contact with. There are tiny Falken logos as well as scallops representing his team.The blue comes from the color of his very first drift car.

That would be the famous SR20 powered AE86 he brought over back in 2006 to compete in D1 USA.Matt Field has a simple design, but it has lots of meaning to him.It’s a throw back to the car he used to drive in Formula Drift.He has picked up many more sponsors since then, but there is no reason why he can’t have an individual style.Fredric’s helmet is similar to what Edward Sandstrom has been rocking in the FIA GT3 Championship.He bought this helmet for the 2008 Redbull Drifting World Championship.