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(18) 2009 SPAIN GARCIA RUIZ, SALVADOR £15.99 Drama about the tripartite sexual relationship that develops between three art students.

studying painting in Valencia.666: THE PROPHECY (15) 2011 SPAIN BOUSMAN, D. £15.99 Horror film about a novelist who is plagued by a series of strange occurrences, all of which are related to the number eleven.

(12) 2009 SPAIN IBANEZ, GABE £17.99 Psychological thriller about a mother who loses her young son while heading off on holiday to the island of El Hierro by ferry.When the police find what they believe to be the boy's body on the island, the mother is adamant that it is not him.BLU -RAY - £22.99 (PG) 2007 SPAIN GUERIN, JOSE LUIS IN FRENCH £19.99 Haunted by the memory of a girl he met four years previously, young artist El sits outside a cafe in Strasbourg, sketching the customers hopingthat somehow their paths will crossing once again.(18) SPAIN 2000 VILLARONGA, AUGUSTIN £19.99 Set during and after the Spanish Civil war this film has been described as a ‘Freudian Gothic-psycho-sexual-melo-horror with allegorical Catholic overtones.’ /UGLIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD (15) 1999 SPAIN BARDEM, MIGUEL £14.99 Lieutenant Arribas is investigating the killings of a number of Spanish beauty queens, but he finds his investigation hampered by the fact that he is beginning to fall in love with his prime suspect.Spanning over 40 years the film starts in 1909 with Amazonian shaman Karamakate helping a German explore looking for a scared healing plant.

Many years later an American botanist arrives to enlist Karamakate help and finds him a broken man who has forgotten many of his peoples customs Re invention of the 'One Thousand and One Nights' stories and sets them in modern-day Portugal.

There are three films to the series - Volume 1 - El Inquieto/The Restless One, Volume 2 - O Desolado/The Desolate One and Volume 3 - O Encantado/The Enchanted One.

With film of the long beautiful coastline of Chile, the director tells the story Chile's terrible history of repression, from the country's most ancient inhabitants, The Water People, to more recent memories of the disappeared Chileans during Pinochet's brutal regime.

DVD - £12.99 BLU RAY - £14.99 Set in a small coastal town, four old Catholic priests live in exile under the watchful eye of a nun, Sister Monica serving time repenting an array of indecent acts from child abuse to abducting children.

The arrival of a fifth disgraced priest disrupts the idyllic retreat.

Gifted violinist Laerte finds himself teaching music lessons in a rough school after failing his audition for the São Paulo State Symphony.