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Robertson is an orthopaedic trained hand surgeon from New Orleans, Louisiana.She specializes in the treatment of carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, nerve and tendon disease from injury or repetitive use, as well as arthritis and fracture care."I am excited to be in El Paso and I am ready to assist you and your family!Toronto might be the best city in Canada to snag a millionaire husband — and, perhaps surprisingly, the second best in North America.That’s according to data from Seeking, a website that sets up wealthy men (mostly) with women looking for wealthy men (mostly).

Toronto has 2,327 millionaire website members “actively searching for partners,” the Toronto Sun reports.

That places it just above third-place Los Angeles and below first-place New York, with 4,101 members. It may be that rich Canadians are lonelier than their U. counterparts, or more inclined to use an online dating service.

Perhaps equally surprisingly, in fourth place was Calgary, which came in behind L. but ahead of Chicago, both much larger cities than Calgary. Here’s the whole breakdown: Story continues below slideshow Canada has proportionally fewer millionaires than the U. Or maybe Canadian members are getting away with fibs about their income.“Online dating is an easy way to lie,” Krystal Waller, who runs a dating service in Edmonton, told the Edmonton Journal. Guys lie about money and height and women want money, so what are they going to do?

They’re going to go on that site and people are going to be naive about it.”But lying on Seeking may be harder than on other sites.

“The company vets their tax information and conducts a background check to confirm that they are indeed millionaires,” the Journal reports.

And for the most part, it is rich men seeking women, not the other way around.