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If it's the LA-based all-girl rock band, just quit reading right now.If it's the supposedly hallucinogenic, formerly-illegal, insanely-high-ABV spirit, however, then by all means, read on to learn about the greatest vacay you will ever take. Truth is, the actual absinthe never gets set on fire (just the brown sugar cube), many of its "hallucinogenic" properties came from chemicals added to bootleg versions when it was banned, and Johnny Depp's character was all hopped-up on Thanks to some French/Swiss teamwork, Routede was born, in order to guide people to the 20-plus waypoints along an actual 25mi-long trans-border trail.

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Cross the border into Switzerland and you'll hit the home distillery of René Jeanjaquet in Les Verrières.

Dude's been brewing since '62 and, though he'll open the doors for ya and even sell you some hooch, he's technically retired now.

Môtiers is home to Yves Kübler, whose great-grandfather started the Blackmint, Kübler & Wyss distillery in 1863.

Yves restarted it in 1990, a fact that can be directly attributed to the Minnesota Twins winning the World Series in 1991.

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