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William Alexander Abbott was a veteran burlesque entertainer from a show business family.He had worked at Coney Island and ran his own burlesque touring companies.At first he worked as a straight man to his wife Betty, then with veteran burlesque comedians like Harry Steppe and Harry Evanson.

Dean and Jerry do that here, but there's enough team work so their fans wouldn't be disappointed.The film was directed by Hal Walker who did a few of their early films and who had good training as he did a Road picture or two with Paramount.They also did a takeoff of Going My Way with Jerry nailing Barry Fitzgerald down.Then again everyone said Dino sang like Bing anyway.Abbot and Costello have been named “Legendary Performers” by the Smithsonian Institution and are part of their permanent collection.

In 1993 cable networks began airing a steady stream of Abbott & Costello films.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld hosted a 10-hour Abbott and Costello Comedy Marathon on the Comedy Channel Network.

Their clean style of comedy continues to find a large audience in the modern marketplace.

For their new comedy team of Martin and Lewis Paramount acquired the rights to a short run play on Broadway entitled At War With The Army and adapted it for Dean and Jerry.

Although they don't have all that much together time on screen, Dean and Jerry do have their moments individually and together.

At War With the Army was their first starring feature and while the vehicle seems stage bound in its first half, the second half more than makes up for it.