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Validate is designed to assess employees who have developed the required skills and knowledge to perform their job to the correct standard.It is a flexible programme enabling employers and individuals to select the modules that are most relevant to their job role.The modules can be taken individually or as part of a programme to demonstrate competence.

Certification is available and up to five modules can be listed on each Validate Certificate.

Validate is an innovative, modular programme to assess workplace competence with a strong focus on health and safety compliance.

The Devise Wiki has lots of additional information about Devise including many "how-to" articles and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Please browse the Wiki after finishing this README: If you discover a problem with Devise, we would like to know about it.

However, we ask that you please review these guidelines before submitting a bug report: If you have discovered a security related bug, please do use the Git Hub issue tracker. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please use the Google Group instead of the Git Hub issue tracker: You can view the Devise documentation in RDoc format here: If you need to use Devise with previous versions of Rails, you can always run "gem server" from the command line after you install the gem to access the old documentation.

There are a few example applications available on Git Hub that demonstrate various features of Devise with different versions of Rails.You can view them here: Our community has created a number of extensions that add functionality above and beyond what is included with Devise.You can view a list of available extensions and add your own here: We hope that you will consider contributing to Devise.Please read this short overview for some information about how to get started: You will usually want to write tests for your changes.To run the test suite, go into Devise's top-level directory and run "bundle install" and "rake".For the tests to pass, you will need to have a Mongo DB server (version 2.0 or newer) running on your system.