1st email on dating site statistics about sexual assault on college campuses

The answers received by several groups of multiracial dating people were compared.These groups were Asian-white, Hispanic-white and black-white people.

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Of course, the color of skin is not the key factor that makes multiracial dating more popular on dating sites. The representatives of “white minority” such as Hispanic American also succeeded to allure more and more admirers.

The phenomenon “dividend effect” does not determine the particular results it shows only tendency.

It depends only on people, their preferences and decisions.

In comparison with other group of women the Asian-white women were in favor of white as well as Asian men.

As we know love is the feeling for which one should fight.

And when we are talking about online dating, multiracial dating people have more chances to find their partners than other users even with fascinating profiles.

Such conclusions have been made by a special study presented by the University of Texas and University of Massachusetts.

The scientists and analysts of this high educational establishments found out that online daters preferred communicating with mixed-race people rather than with mono-racial.

The study was conducted in accordance with the number of messages (6,7 million) of female and male users that were registered on major dating sites.

For example, the study shown that Asian–white women are more popular among white as well as Asian men than the white women.

Likewise, Asian and Hispanic women looked more favorably upon Asian-white and Hispanic-white men, respectively.